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SD US Senate debate tonight and statewide choices program tommorow

October 29, 2014
SD Independent US Senate candidates Larry Pressler & Gordon Howie at the SD State Fair debate. Photo by Ken Santema 08/29/14

SD Independent US Senate candidates Larry Pressler & Gordon Howie at the SD State Fair debate. Photo by Ken Santema 08/29/14

There are two televised political events worth noting this week. Tonight there is a US Senate Debate on KELO and tomorrow there is a statewide contest program on SDPB. I believe this is the last round of televised events in South Dakota (election day is less than a week away). I won’t likely blog about the Senate race tonight, but if the statewide contest program is interesting I could see doing a blog or two about it. Last week there were three televised debates. I did watch all three, but honestly I didn’t see anything new enough to blog about.

Here are the details of the two televised political events this week:

KELO SD US Senate Debate – Weds Oct 29 – 7:00 pm CT

This will be the final debate between Pressler (I), Howie (I), Weiland (D) and Rounds (R). I don’t really expect too much out of this one. I previously blogged about their  Dakotafest and the State Fair debates. Since I didn’t blog about the SDPB debate last week I have no written summary of it. However I will say that Gordon Howie was fighting hard for the conservative vote in that debate. If he keeps that up tonight he might cause some troubles for Rounds going into next Tuesday (I don’t think it is likely, but it is possible). The debate will be broadcast live on KELO TV and also live-streamed on the KELO Election Page.

SDPB Statewide Choices program – Thurs Oct 30 – 8:00 pm CT

SDPB is dedicating a show to look at three statewide races: Public Utilities Commission, Attorney General, and Secretary of State. In addition they will be looking at the ballot issues. This might be a good program to watch for anyone that needs more information about those races or the ballot questions. If the program is interesting I may blog about it.

For more information on the three races in question and the ballot issues I have copied the following links from my SD 2014 Ballot page:

South Dakota Public Utilities Commission (6 yr)

Wayne Schmidt – Constitution Party – Website – Facebook – Twitter  – BallotpediaVoteSmartSoDakLiberty

David Allen – Democrat – Website – Facebook – Twitter  – BallotpediaVoteSmart – SoDakLiberty

Gary Hanson – incumbent Republican – Website – Facebook – Twitter  – BallotpediaVoteSmartSoDakLiberty

South Dakota Attorney General (4 yr)

Chad Haber – Libertarian – Website – Facebook – Twitter  – BallotpediaVoteSmartSoDakLiberty

Marty Jackley – incumbent Republican – Website – Facebook – Twitter  – BallotpediaVoteSmartSoDakLiberty

South Dakota Secretary of State (4 yr) – Current held by Republican Jason Gant, who is not seeking re-election

Lori Stacey – Constitution Party – Website – Facebook – Twitter  – BallotpediaVoteSmartSoDakLiberty

Emmett Reistroffer – Libertarian – Website – Facebook – Twitter  – BallotpediaVoteSmartSoDakLiberty

Angelia Schultz – Democrat – Website – Facebook – TwitterBallotpediaVoteSmartSoDakLiberty

Shantel Krebs – Republican – Website – Facebook – Twitter  – BallotpediaVoteSmart – OpenStatesSoDakLiberty – LRC: 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 20092008 2007 2006 2005

Ballot Questions – The brochure provided by the SOS about the ballot questions and their Pros/Cons can be read here.

Constitutional Amendment Q – Gambling expansion in Deadwood – Enrolled Resolution passed by SD LegislatureAG Explanation – PRO websiteCON websiteBallotpediaVoteSmartSoDakLiberty

Initiated Measure 17 – Patient Choice – AG ExplanationPRO websiteCON websiteBallotpedia – VoteSmartSoDakLiberty

Initiated Measure 18 – Minimum Wage – AG Explanation – PRO websiteCON websiteBallotpedia – VoteSmart– SoDakLiberty

If I am able to watch these live I will also be live-tweeting from my @SoDakLiberty twitter account.

  1. Merlyn Schutterle
    October 29, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    I won’t be watching the “debates.” I’ll be doing something more interesting -like drinking beer and playing solitaire. It’s over, folks, it’s over.

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