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SD 2015 Legislature: Committee meetings scheduled for Jan 20

January 19, 2015

meetingHere is the list of legislative committee meetings that are taking place on Tuesday, Jan 20th. For any committee meeting that has bills taken up I’ve included the link to my post about those bills. For committees without bills on the agenda I listing what they are doing instead of working on bills.

House Health & Human Services committee7:45 AM4 Bills

Senate Education committee7:45 AM – This committee will take up the Governor reappointment of Joseph Schartz to the State Board of Regents. There will also be presentations from Presidents of the SD Technical Institutes.

House Taxation committee8:00 AM – This committee will hear overviews from representatives of the Department of Revenue.

Senate Judiciary committee8:00 AM2 bills – In addition to the 2 bills, the committee will receive an agency overview from AG Marty Jackley.

Joint Appropriations committee8:00 AM – This committee will receive a briefing from the Department of Education.

House Agricultural & Natural Resources committee8:00 AM2 bills

House Transportation committee10:00 AM – This committee is having an “informational meeting”.  The meeting on Jan 15 was also called an “informational meeting”, but actually had updates from the Department of Revenue. Perhaps the Chair needs to learn now to properly fill out agendas….

House Local Government committee10:00 AM – Organizational Meeting, this is the House Local Governments first meeting of the year.

Senate Commerce & Energy committee – 10:00 AM – 6 bills

Senate Agricultural & Natural Resources committee10:00 AM – Overview from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources

  1. Merlyn Schutterle
    January 20, 2015 at 12:44 am

    As I was driving from Mankato to Rochester this evening, my son, a Mayo ER doctor, and I were discussing the education system we have, Having been a principal myself, I have some experience with the system too.

    We agreed that the whole education system so obsolete it is almost meaningless. We burden students with courses that are meaningless while piling huge debts on them. Yet we have these people on the education committee who don’t have a clue. They are trying to give old Dobbin a dose of something to make him well so he may pull the plow again while the real world has a new John Deere and the plows are long gone to the scrap pile.

    I shouldn’t wonder if the rest of the legislators have the same problem, There are no visionaries in our Capitol building.

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