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SD 2015 Legislature: House State Affairs committee bills one Jan 21

January 19, 2015

2015-01-19_17-34-24On Wednesday, January 21st, at 9:00am the House State Affairs committee will hear public input on two bills. This will actually be the first meeting of this committee.

Here are the two bills going before the House State Affairs Committee on January 21. I’ve included my initial thoughts on each bill. After hearing testimony or further studying a bill I may (and often do) change my thoughts about the merit of any particular bill.

HB 1035 – Revise certain provisions regarding military specialty plates.

This bill is at the request of the SD Department of the Military. Section one of the bill allows active warrant officers of the National Guard to get a military specialty plate. Currently law only allows enlisted and commissioned active members. Section two of the bill changes the plate designation to remove references to enlisted and commissioned officers; this is likely a result of the change in section 1 for Warrant Officers. The Legislature cleaned up some of the military license plate language last year with HB 1060, apparently they missed this at that time.

HB 1036 – Codify legislation enacted in 2014.

This bill has to be done every year.

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