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Senate Commerce and Energy committee has one bill on Jan 22

January 21, 2015

cyberscooty-excavatorOn Thursday, January 22nd, at 10:00 AM the Senate Commerce and Energy committee will take up one bill. The will also consider the Confirmation of the executive appointment of Robert H. Hartford, Hughes County, Pierre, South Dakota, to the South Dakota Lottery Commission.

SB 72 – Provide an exemption from certain excavation requirements in an emergency.

Hey, a bill that isn’t submitted on behalf of a state agency! This one has a prime sponsor of Senator Lederman in the Senate and Representative Wollmann in the House. This bill pertains to one-call notification system for excavation activities codified law (§ 49-7A). If I read this bill correctly, it allows an emergency excavation to be done in certain emergency situations without having to abide by the time restrictions built into the one-call procedures. However it does appear the excavation operation still needs to call one-call to let them know it is being done, and then follow-up with the damage done.

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