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Senate Transportation committee has two bills on Jan 23

January 21, 2015

secretlondon-Iso-Truck-2On Friday, January 23rd, at 8:00 AM the Senate Transportation committee will take up two bills.

SB 22 – Revise the penalty for altering a registration device issued by a dealer.

This bill is for the Department of Revenue. This one seems to clean up the language slightly. No penalties are actually revised.

SB 40 – Revise certain provisions regarding the federal motor carrier regulations.

The Department of Public Safety asked for this bill. This bill updates the Adoption of Federal Regulations (§ 49-28A-3) to the Hazardous Material Transport Safety portion of SD code (§ 49-28A). It updates the federal regulations referenced from 2014 to 2015. It also changes the age limit in this section from 16 to 18. I wonder if that last part is something the feds are telling the state they have to do… It is for non-inter-state scenarios. It might be a good time to say no to the second part of that bill….

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