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Senate State Affairs has two bills on Jan 23

January 22, 2015

radacina-handcuffsOn Friday, January 23rd, at 10:00 AM the Senate State Affairs committee will take up two bills.

SB 73 – Improve public safety regarding juvenile justice.

This is way too big of a bill/topic for a summary post like this. I will be creating a separate post in the future opposing the new Juvenile Incarceration legislation. I believe it continues down a path that simply isn’t a good idea.

SB 69 – Revise certain provisions regarding elections and election petitions.

This bill took up half of the meeting on Jan 21 and was deferred until the 23rd. I’ve previously blogged about possible ballot issues with this legislation. The ACLU is also getting involved. Perhaps an amendment will be ready on the Jan 23 meeting to at least fix the bill in the short-term.

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