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Committee meetings scheduled for Monday Jan 26

January 25, 2015

1415972949Here is the list of the SD legislative committee meetings that are taking place on Monday, January 26th. For any committee meeting that has bills taken up I’ve included the link to my post about those bills. For committees without bills on the agenda I’ve listed what they are doing instead of working on bills.

Joint Appropriations8:00 AM – No Bills! On the Agenda: Department of Social Services Briefings.

House State Affairs7:45 AM2 Bills

House Education7:45 AM2 Bills – Also on the agenda for this meeting: Dr. Melody Schopp will present an initial analysis of data from the 2014 field test of Smarter Balance.

Senate Local Government – No Meeting Scheduled!

Senate Transportation – No Meeting Scheduled!

Senate State Affairs10:00 AM6 Bills – One of the bills, SB 69, has had prior hearing.

House Judiciary10:00 AM4 Bills

Senate Health & Human Services – No Meeting Scheduled!

Senate Taxation – No Meeting Scheduled!

House Commerce & Energy – No Meeting Scheduled!

House Retirement Laws3:30 PM5 Bills

Code Commission3:00 PM – This is not a legislative committee meeting; but it is on tomorrows calendar so I thought I would bring it up. Most interesting here is the Initiated Measure 17 being on the agenda. I was not in favor of IM17  going into the 2014 election. But I am curious to see if it will actually create the good change it was designed to now that the voters passed it. Hopefully it will work as planned and without massive unintended consequences.

  1. Stephanie Strong
    January 25, 2015 at 4:29 pm

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