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House Judiciary committee has four bills on Jan 26

January 25, 2015

johnny-automatic-photocopierOn Monday, January 26th, the House Judiciary committee will take up four bills.

HB 1065 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise certain provisions related to voting trusts and agreements.

Rep Mike Stevens (R, Dist 18) is the prime sponsor of this bill. This bill appears to remove the ten-year limit from voting trusts.

HB 1066 – SoDakLiberty PostsClarify that the required notice requirements related to continuing contracts do not apply to employees of postsecondary technical institutes.

Rep Don Haggar (R, Dist 10) is the prime sponsor. This changes some wording. The biggest change appears to be using “nonrenew a year-to-year contract” instead of “termination”.

HB 1067 – SoDakLiberty PostsEstablish maximum reproduction costs for medical records.

Rep Lee Schoenbeck (R, Dist 05) is the prime sponsor of this bill. This one appears to make sure people aren’t paying way too much for medical records requested. It limits the cost to $10 for the first ten pages, and $0.25 each additional page. Incidentally I know many government agencies that charge more than this to get copies of public records.

HB 1068 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise when a court can grant a cross credit on child support.

Rep Timothy Johns (R, Dist 31) is the prime sponsor. Other than rewording, the main change appears to be adding language for following a trial.

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