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Sen State Affairs committee has six bills on Jan 26

January 25, 2015

BondOn Monday, January 26th, the Senate State Affairs committee will take up five new bills and possibly continue hearing one that has been deferred from before.

SB 8SoDakLiberty Posts – Exempt certain transactions entered into by the State Investment Council from certain procurement requirements.

The SD Investment Council asked for this bill. The two procurement areas of laws that this bill would make State Investment Council transactions exempt from are § 5-18A (Public Agency Procurement – General Provisions) and § 5-18D (Procurement by State Agencies)

SB 9SoDakLiberty Posts –  Revise certain provisions regarding the transfer of funds administered by the state investment officer.

Another Investment Council bill. This has some cleanups, including a reference to the South Dakota Cement Plant retirement fund. But most notable is changes relating to money being transferred into the investment council expense account,

SB 10SoDakLiberty Posts – Revise certain provisions concerning the classes of investments used for state funds.

One last investment council bill. This has a slight language fix and also remove a reference to the South Dakota Cement Plant retirement fund.

SB 70SoDakLiberty Posts – Require that a mandatory child abuse reporter be present and available to answer questions when the initial report regarding abuse or neglect is made to authorities.

This bill is at the request of the Jolene’s Law Task Force. Current state law has various professions that must report suspected child abuse or neglect. This bill would appear to make sure the person reporting the abuse is available when the report is made to the authorities.

SB 71SoDakLiberty Posts – Continue the Jolene’s Law Task Force for an additional year, revise the membership of the task force, and to declare an emergency.

Another Jolene’s Law Task Force bill. This bill adds a state’s attorney as the sixteenth member of the task force. It also extends the task force until Jan 1, 2015.

SB 69SoDakLiberty Posts – Revise certain provisions regarding elections and election petitions.

This bill was first heard on Jan 19. Here are my previous posts on this bill. Specifically I have written about a potential constitutional issue with ballot access in this bill. The ACLU is supposed to be getting an amendment to the committee so the bill can be fixed. If the amendment is ready in time, perhaps this bill will see action.

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