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House State Affairs committee has four bills on Jan 28

January 27, 2015

johnpwarren-Graph-CrashOn Wednesday, January 28th, the House State Affairs committee will take on 4 bills.

SB 32 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Revise certain provisions regarding veteran’s preference for all veterans who are United States citizens who seek employment with the state, a county, or a municipality.

This bill passed the Senate State Affairs committee and Senate floor with no issues. I’ve heard this promoted as a bill to potentially attract more veterans to SD. I just don’t see that happening.

SB 35 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Repeal certain outdated and unnecessary statutes and rules related to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

This bill passed the Senate State Affairs committee and Senate floor with no issues. A code cleanup bill.

HB 1078 – SoDakLiberty PostsAdopt the South Dakota Nonprofit Corporation Act.

Apparently non-profits are somewhat unregulated in South Dakota; or at least there isn’t as much guidance as with for-profit corps. This will create a framework similar to that of corporations from what I could see reading through it once. Personally I think the whole “non-profit” designation is just silly. Does anyone really believe Sanford or Avera are non-profits?

But, I do wonder about the origins of this bill. From what I’ve heard this bill was put together by the State Bar Association and it was not modeled after existing code in other states. It was supposedly created to increase transparency of non-profit corporations in SD. Since the bill is so long, it is pretty darn near impossible to actually research what this bill will and won’t do in time to understand it this legislative session. Browsing through I don’t see any red flags, but it is always suspicious when a special interest group is allowed to create and submit such a massive piece of legislation.

HB 1086 – SoDakLiberty PostsEstablish the Economic Contingencies Work Group to ascertain the effects of a significant and extended national economic crisis on South Dakota.

This is an interesting one. If passed, I think it would be interesting to see what the work-group comes up with for answers. The workgroup would “study potential effects as well as the potential ways to lessen the foreseen and unforeseen impact of a national economic crisis while fostering individual and community resiliency in South Dakota.” In addition it would seek answers to the following:

            (1)    What might a significant reduction of twenty percent or more of federal funds mean for South Dakota on a state, local, and individual level?
            (2)    What might the collapse of the dollar mean to main street, South Dakota, and to the state’s significant financial sector?
            (3)    Considering the level South Dakota is dependant on federal and other unstable revenue, does this level insulate the state, or make the state more prone to the effects of a national economic crisis? What are the possibilities for reducing the state’s dependency on federal and other unstable revenue sources?
            (4)    Might current state statutes exacerbate difficulties in buying and selling or trade in the event of a national economic crisis? What measures, if any, can the state adopt to alleviate these potential difficulties?
            (5)    Might current state statutes interfere with the ability of citizens to take care of themselves and their families or might the statutes prolong an economic recovery in South Dakota? What measures, if any can the state adopt to avoid those difficulties?
            (6)    What might a significant disruption in basic necessities such as food, fuel, government assistance, or power supplies mean for the state? What is the current state of readiness for any extended disruption in these necessities? What is the current state of readiness for any civil unrest stemming from an extended disruption in these necessities? What might an economic crisis mean for our state corrections system?
            (7)    Based on the current state of South Dakota, the current state of the United States, and the potential for a national economic crisis, what is an appropriate amount of reserve funds to maintain in the state?
            (8)    Any other related question the work group deems appropriate in addressing this issue.
That is a workgroup I might keep an eye on and follow their progress.
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