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Senate Local Government will look at two bills on Weds Jan 28

January 27, 2015

1354797694On Wednesday, January 28th, the Senate Local Government committee will take on 2 bills.

SB 74 – SoDakLiberty PostsRestrict the use of fireworks that frighten livestock or leave debris on private property.

This is the type of bill I hate… because it shouldn’t be necessary. It would allow a county governing body to create ordinances that keep people from shooting fireworks which would land on private property without permission, or scare livestock on that private property. I love fireworks, and have been known to spend hundreds of dollars on artillery shells so I can create my own mini-show. However I have always done so on a friend or relatives land. Plus I have always cleaned up (or rather made my boys clean up) the mess afterwards. It shouldn’t be necessary to legislate that littering on someones private property is bad. It is hard for me to speak against this bill, since it would allow County Commissioners to deal with people who do not respect other people’s property. I do wonder if this law is necessary though. Isn’t there already laws against littering on private land?

SB 78 – SoDakLiberty PostsAuthorize counties or medical providers to recover inmate healthcare costs from third party insurers.

If I read this correctly, it allows county jails to have inmates use their own insurance if they have medical treatment while incarcerated. I would have thought it was already that way. This could potentially be a way for county jails to reduce their expenses.

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