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Senate tax will take on one bill on Jan 28

January 27, 2015

bratac-forestOn Wednesday, January 28th, the Senate Taxation committee will take on 1 bill.

SB 44 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise the criteria for classifying property as agricultural land and to provide for additional requirements for small agricultural acreages and timber land to be classified as agricultural land.

This bill was originally scheduled for the Jan 23 committee meeting, but was deferred a week. Even though the bill was deferred, there was testimony taken from one person. That testimony highlighted some problems with the bill, where different counties have different requirements for what would be considered agricultural use. It almost sounds like dropping this bill and looking at ways to give counties local control may be a better solution. It does appear as though this bill is ensuring that land is only treated as ag if it is used for agricultural purposes.

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