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Committee meetings scheduled for Thurs Jan 29

January 28, 2015

1415972949Here is the list of the SD legislative committee meetings that are taking place on Thursday, January 29th. For any committee meeting that has bills taken up I’ve included the link to my post about those bills. For committees without bills on the agenda I’ve listed what they are doing instead of working on bills.

Joint AppropriationsNo Bills. The committee has hearings scheduled with the Department of Social Services and Department of Revenue.

House TaxationNo Meeting Scheduled.

Senate Judiciary8:00 AM3 Bills.

House Health & Human Services7:45 am3 Bills

Senate Education7:45 AM2 Bills. Also on the agenda: A presentation about Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC), two governor reappointment, and an update on the Smarter Balanced Assessment Field Results.

House Ag & Natural ResourcesNo Bills. Apparently its movie day. This is on the Agenda: Viewing of the Movie “Farmland”

House Local Government10:00 AM4 Bills.

House TransportationNo Meeting Scheduled!

Senate Ag & Natural Resources10:00 AM2 Bills. Also on the agenda are two confirmations.

Senate Commerce & Energy10:00 AM6 Bills.

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