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House Health has three bills on Thurs Jan 29

January 28, 2015

1310540381On Thursday, January 29th, the House Health and Human Services committee will take on 3 bills.

HB 1079 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise the deadline for the Department of Health’s annual report regarding abortions.

Rep Stalzer (R, Dist 11) brought this bill forward. Current law states that the SD Department of Health (DOH) has to issue a public report with details of induced abortions, with the exception of information that would identify the doctors (§ 34-23A-36). Currently this report has to be created and made public “annually”. This bill would change “annually” to “on or before September thirtieth of each year”. So, it seems the legislature wants to ensure the DOH has a specific deadline that must be met.

For anyone interested, here is the link to the 2013 report provided by the DOH. Here are some numbers I found in the 2013 report while browsing it just now:

  • There were a total of 601 induced abortions performed in SD during 2013.
  • Of those induced abortions, 526 were performed on SD residents. That is equal to 87% of the total induced abortions.
  • Minnehaha county has the greatest number of SD residents that had an induced abortion: 258
  • The 20-24 year old age group had the highest percentage of abortions at 32.4%

It will be interesting to see if anyone opposes this bill. All it really does is give the DOH an actual deadline for the report. On the other hand I’m not really sure why the bill was submitted. Are certain people worried about getting timely abortion statistics in SD?

HB 1080 – SoDakLiberty PostsAuthorize the use of investigational treatments for patients under certain conditions and to restrict certain causes of action arising from investigational treatment.

Rep Heinemann (R, Dist 8) is the prime sponsor of this bill. This is an interesting bill. It would allow a doctor to treat a patient that has a currently untreatable condition using an “Investigational drug, biological product, or device”. The investigational treatment must have passed phase one of a clinical trial, but does not need to have been approved yet by the FDA. I like this bill. It makes no sense to hold up a potentially life-saving treatment (or at least symtom-reducing treatment) on a terminal patient that has no other options. I believe this decision should be up to the patient and doctor. The FDA only gets in the way in such situations. And, as the bill states, phase one of clinical trials have to be completed; so these investigational treatments aren’t just a whim of a doctor or medical company.

SB 61 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Place certain substances on the controlled substances schedule and to declare an emergency.

This bill is at the request of the DOH. It passed the Senate Health & Human Services committee and the Senate floor with no opposition. I wrote about this bill back on Jan 19th. My thoughts are the same. This bill does nothing but continue the state down the path of creating criminals out of people. Perhaps, instead of trying to reform the judicial system that is causing too many people to be incarcerated, maybe it is time to get rid of crimes that have no victims.

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