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SD Senate backs TPP and lack of transparency!

January 30, 2015
Many groups are opposing TPP based upon the regulations included having to do with drug patents.

Many groups are opposing TPP based upon the regulations included having to do with drug patents.

On Jan 28 the SD Senate voted on Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 (SCR 2). Even with going through all the bills each day I somehow missed this coming up for a vote. SCR 2 comes before the House floor today. Hopefully it will meet some resistance in that house.

Here is the info on SCR2:

SCR 2 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Endorsing the thirty-first anniversary of sister state relations with the Republic of China (Taiwan), Taiwan’s inclusion in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Taiwan’s participation as an observer in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

This seems like a nice happy little resolution. It just continues good relations with Taiwan right? Wrong. A variation of this resolution passed last year (HCR 1011).  I actually did a post about HCR 1011 after I realized what had passed. The problem with SCR 2 this year and HCR 1011 last year is the inclusion of support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). My post at that time focused on teh lack of transparency and large potential copyright issues dealing with TPP.

Since that time I have done a few posts about TPP. Last April I urged everyone to let Representative Noem that TPP must not be fast tracked. At that time I gave this very high-level overview of some of the other problems with TPP

TPP is a large topic, so I won’t try to summarize it here. My previous post looked at some of the transparency and copyright issues I have with TPP. I would suggest everyone read this summary of TPP provided by Lydia Depillis at the Washing Post for a good primer. Here are some key points from her summary:

  • The Obama administration hopes to use TPP as a means to create China as our trade partner of focus, and get us out of the Middle East.
  • TPP is NOT just a trade agreement, at least not in the traditional sense. TPP also includes provisions on regulations and laws that must be adhered to by countries joining the agreement. That would mean the US would have to abide by the regulations set forth, even though they have never been vetted in public or debated in Congress.
  • TPP has 29 chapters included in it. Most of those chapters have nothing to do with ‘trade’.
  • The only things we know about TPP is from anonymous sources. Since everything being done with TPP is behind closed doors we don’t even know everything that has been included in it.
  • The scope and scale of TPP is unprecedented. Even if there is good portions of TPP, I cannot understand anyone that would support such a massive agreement (it would be a “sign it to see whats in it” type of action by Congress).

Then in June I attended the Governors Agricultural Summit in Deadwood. Part 2 of this summit featured FFAS Under Secretary Scuse promoting TPP.

Finally, in September of last year Representative Noem was promoting TPP. Noem is promoting TPP because it could open certain trade opportunities for South Dakota. Technically she is correct. TPP would likely open new opportunities. But these opportunities exist with or without TPP. It is troubling that Representative Noem and SD Senate wish to promote a “trade agreement” that would enact regulations upon the citizens of the United States.

To put into context of this SD legislative session. Yesterday the SD House passed HCR 1005, which would Urge congress to pass the Regulation Freedom Amendment. HCR 1005 is a good resolution. It aims to reduce the regulator burden DC places upon the United States. Now SCR 2 would do the opposite. If TPP is finalized and the US is a member of TPP it will essentially allow bureaucrats from overseas to regulation certain industries within the United States. Theoretically every legislator that voted in favor of HCR 1005 yesterday should be voting against SCR 2 today.

I will continue to monitor this. Sadly I feel SCR 2 will pass the House floor. It is apparent someone wants the SD Legislature to continue passing resolutions endorsing TPP. That is truly troubling.

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