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Senate Commerce has four bills on Tues Feb 3

February 2, 2015

gamblingwithdeathOn Tuesday, February 3rd, at 10:00 AM the SD Senate Commerce and Energy committee will take on 4 bills. It should be noted that SB 130 was originally on the agenda as well.

SB 155 SoDakLiberty Posts – Establish a voluntary list of disassociated persons for exclusion or removal from licensed gaming institutions.

Sen Angie Buhl O’Donnell (D, Dist 15) and Rep Peggy Gibson (D, Dist 22) are the prime sponsors of this bill. I don’t get the point of this bill. It would allow people to put themselves on a list to keep them out of gambling establishments. That person could not get off that list until five years has passed. Huh? I get it. There are people out there will gambling additions and they may try to use this to curb their addition. But this bill is just bad. If gaming establishments want to come up with something like this one their own, OK. But there is no reason for the State of SD to take away a citizens right to association, even especially if it is done so willingly. Hopefully this one dies in committee.

SB 156 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Require a minimum amount of paid sick leave for employees.

Sen Angie Buhl O’Donnell (D, Dist 15) and Rep Kevin Killer (D, Dist 27) are the prime sponsors of this bill. This bill would require employers to provide one hour of sick time for every thirty hours worked; to begin ninety days after employment. The sick time can be used if any of the following scenarios apply to the employee, the employee’s spouse, or the employee’s child:

  1. Illness, injury, or health condition;
  2.  Medical diagnosis, care, or treatment for a mental or physical illness, injury, or health condition; or
  3. Preventive medical care.

The bill also specifies that such sick time can be used for care relating to domestic abuse or sexual violence (wouldn’t that fall under #2 above?). It does say the employer can require seven days notice to use the sick time for foreseeable uses (probably such as surgeries).

I don’t like this bill. It puts the State further into the relationship between employers and employees. Such requirements will potentially hurt small business owners that are providing as many benefits as they possibly can.

Some small companies offer a collective paid time off to their employees. They will offer a certain amount of days per year to use as the employee wishes, whether it be for sick time or for vacation. If this law passes will companies move away from that and go back to pure sick time? Will this law force them to remove some or all of their vacation days?

Yes, there are employers that are not doing a good job of providing time for families with medical situations or emergencies. But this is not the fix. It makes no sense to force this one-size-fits-all solution on every employer to change a few companies. Hopefully this dies in committee.

SB 161 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Allow certain fireworks to be used all year.

Sen Brock Greenfield (R, Dist 2) and Rep Isaac Latterell (R, Dist 6) are the prime sponsors of this bill. This would legalize  the following fireworks year round: “fountains, sparklers, snakes, ground spinners, and smoke effects, if they do not fly, travel, or explode, to single-shot parachute pieces without a flare”. Heck, I think fireworks should be legal all year round (provided it is done on land where there is permission!). I doubt this bill will pass, but who knows…

SB 158 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Expand certain licensing exemptions regarding money lenders and mortgage lenders.

Sen Brock Greenfield (R, Dist 2) and Rep Thomas Brunner (R, Dist 29) are the prime sponsors of this bill. This adds certain nonprofit cooperative lenders to the list of exempt lenders. I will likely listen to the testimony to find out more about this bill.

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