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Senate State Affairs has three bills on Weds Feb 4

February 3, 2015

dice-icon-by-netalloyOn Wednesday, February 4th, at 10:00 AM the SD Senate State Affairs committee will take on 3 bills.

SB 135 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Authorize municipalities to impose an additional sales and use tax for a limited period of time for a specified use.

Sen Corey Brown (R, Dist 23) and Rep Scott Munsterman (R, Dist 7) are the prime sponsors. Here is an interesting one. Allow municipalities to charge extra sales tax to raise revenues for “capital expenditures or refunds not provided for under the existing sources of revenue or budget” There are some restrictions of what cannot be taxed. It also has to be for a specified time and would terminate early if the needed funding level was reached. In order to renew the tax a new ordinance would need to be passed, and then the voters would have to approve it.

It will be interesting to hear the debate on this one. Or will there be any debate? Will 2015 be the year the SD legislature passed a record number of new taxes? Or rather in this case, allowed other levels of government in the State to raise taxes.

SB 57 – SoDakLiberty PostsAuthorize and regulate the playing of craps, roulette, and keno within the city limits of the city of Deadwood.

The SD Department of Revenue asked for this one. This bill shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that voted on the SD 2014 fall ballot. Constitutional Amendment Q passed on the 2014 ballot. With Amendment Q passed, now the DOR created this bill to allow the regulation of roulette, keno and craps in Deadwood. Without a change in law there still would be no roulette, keno and craps in Deadwood. Amendment Q didn’t actually legalize these forms of gambling. Rather, Q allowed the legislature to legalize roulette, keno and craps.

Q also removed the ability of Deadwood to decide which games of chance are legal. I wonder how strong the support for roulette, keno and craps are within Deadwood.

And also worth considering. If this bill is passed, it will also legalize roulette, keno and craps on the reservations. Anything legalized for Deadwood is also legalized for the reservations. I don’t think that is a problem, but there are people who do think that will be a problem and will potentially try to fight this law.

It might be interesting to listen into this hearing to see if the opponent testimony boils down to people who want to rid society of gambling.

SB 112 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Revise certain provisions regarding voting rights of a person convicted of a felony.

Sen Craig Tieszen (R, Dist 34) and Rep Steve Hickey (R, Dist 9) are the prime sponsors.

This bill was deferred from teh Jan 30 meeting. Here are my notes from prior to that committee meeting:

Sen Tieszen (R, Dist 34) is the Senate prime sponsor of this bill. This bill has caused a bit of a stir already. Current SD law doesn’t allow a felon who is “serving a sentence” to vote. This bill would change that to “imprisoned”. That would mean a felon out on parole trying to be a good citizen can now vote; and not wait until their entire sentence is done. Personally I think this is a good change to current law.

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