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Bills on the SD House floor for Mon Feb 9

February 9, 2015
SD House Floor. Photo by Ken Santema 01/21/15.

SD House Floor. Photo by Ken Santema 01/21/15.

Here are the bills on the SD House floor for Monday, February 9, which begins at 2:00 PM central.


HB 1137 – SoDakLiberty PostsExclude the passing time between classes in the number of hours required in the school term for secondary students.

HB 1144 – SoDakLiberty PostsRepeal and revise certain unnecessary and outdated provisions related to state affairs and government.


HB 1080 – SoDakLiberty PostsAuthorize the use of investigational treatments for patients under certain conditions and to restrict certain causes of action arising from investigational treatment.

*Deferred from last Friday yet again!

This bill passed the House Health and Human Services committee 11-2. It keeps getting deferred on the House floor. Here is what I previously said about the bill and stick with what I said: I like this bill. It makes no sense to hold up a potentially life-saving treatment (or at least symptom-reducing treatment) on a terminal patient that has no other options. I believe this decision should be up to the patient and doctor.

HB 1128 – SoDakLiberty PostsProtect certain homestead exemption interests during sale of homestead or separation of owners.

*Deferred from last Friday yet again!

This bill passed House Commerce 10-2. A lot of this appears to be changing words for clarification. It also notably has the addition of  “a homestead listed for sale”.

HB 1129 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise the property exempt from process in bankruptcy cases.

*Deferred from last Friday!

This adds motor vehicles used for normal activity valued at less than $5,000 to the list of exempt property. It specifically says recreation vehicles like ATV’s and jet-skis don’t count. The bill also included the earned income tax credit (EITC) of a federal tax refund as protected. The EITC provision was amended out in committee. It then passed the Judiciary committee 12-0.

HB 1113 – SoDakLiberty PostsRepeal and revise certain motor vehicle and boat damage and salvage disclosure requirements.

*Deferred from last Friday

This bill passed House Transportation 11-0. This bill removes and revises a lot of sections of code.

HB 1122 – SoDakLiberty PostsAuthorize township boards to designate certain roads as no maintenance roads.

*Deferred from last Friday

This bill passed House Local Government 11-1. This bill allows township to abandon roads and designate them as no maintenance. This is something I though townships should already have been able to do with their roads.

HB 1100 – SoDakLiberty PostsClarify how a vacancy on a school board is filled.

The bill passed House Ed 14-0. This changes the process to include the vacating school board member helping to fill the vacancy.

HB 1155 – SoDakLiberty PostsRequire that information be provided to a pregnant mother whose child tests positive for Down syndrome.

This bill passed House State Affairs 10-1. I don’t like this bill. It gets in the middle of the doctor/patient relationship. In the end this bill appears to be intended to stop abortions that are due to Down syndrome. I don’t think it will do that. All it will do is get the state more involved with the doctor/patient relationship.

HB 1176 – SoDakLiberty PostsAuthorize a person to be on the general election ballot for president or vice president and another office.

This bill passed House State Affairs 9-2. I didn’t think this was a good bill before it went to committee, and still feel that way.  This bill shows the hypocritical moves a political party can make when they enjoy a super-majority in the legislature. This would remove the restriction passed by Republicans a decade ago to keep Daschle from running for Senate and be in the Presidential race. Now that Thune is possibly going to do the same thing the super-majority Republicans are looking to undo the “Daschle rule”.

HB 1179 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise the definition of a veteran.

This bill passed the House State Affairs committee 7-3. Before the committee meeting I thought it was a good bill, and still do. At the Aberdeen legislative cracker barrel over the weekend this came up as a topic. There are some veterans (by the current definition) who are downright pissed that certain people removed the military would be able to use the term veteran. I do agree some of that would happen with the new definition. It would also include those who served in national guard and reserve and never activated for deployment. I think that is appropriate. Whether they actually got deployed doesn’t change the fact they signed up and were willing to put their lives on the line.

HB 1048 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise certain provisions regarding state hosting and employee reimbursement policies.

This bill passed House Appropriations 9-0. This would bring the state reimbursement for certain meals in line with what is practiced in most corporations.

HB 1189 – SoDakLiberty PostsMake an appropriation to fund tax refunds for elderly persons and persons with a disability and to declare an emergency.

This bill passed House Appropriations 9-0. This would appropriate $450,000 for the elderly and disabled persons tax refund program.

HB 1103 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise certain provisions relating to comparative negligence.

This bill passed House Judiciary 10-3. I haven’t yet listened to the testimony on this one to understand what the bill actually aims to do.


SB 61 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Place certain substances on the controlled substances schedule and to declare an emergency.

*Deferred yet again from last Friday!

This bill passed the Senate Health and Human Services, Senate floor, and House Health and Human Services with no opposition. It was deferred on the House floor last Friday. Too bad. This expands the list of things people cannot do with their own body and continues to make criminals out of people where there is no victim.

SB 34 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Revise certain provisions concerning the administration of benefits provided to veterans and to declare an emergency.

*Deferred yet again from last Friday!

This bill passed Senate State affairs, the Senate floor (where it was amended to add an emergency clause), and the House State Affairs with no opposition.

SB 14 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Provide for the possession and administration of opioid antagonists by first responders for the treatment of drug overdoses.

*Deferred yet again from last Friday!

This bill passed Senate Health, the Senate floor, and House Health with no opposition.

SB 15 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Allow for discretionary appeals of illegal sentences.

*Deferred yet again from last Friday!

This bill passed Senate Judiciary, the Senate floor, and House Judiciary with no opposition.

SB 18 – SoDakLiberty PostsEstablish certain administrative provisions regarding charitable raffles, lotteries, and bingo and to make violations of these provisions subject to the Deceptive Trade Practice and Consumer Protection Act.

*Deferred yet again from last Friday!

This bill passed Senate Commerce and the Senate floor with no opposition. It was amended in House Judiciary and then passed 13-0. Here are my notes on the bill preceding the Senate committee hearing:

This bill is one of a few coming directly as a result of the crazy 2014 election (for anyone curious, just Google search ‘Bosworth raffle scam’). SB 18 is at the request of the SD AG’s office. This bill adds a new section to code which includes:

  • Lotteries cannot continue for more than 18 months after the first ticket is sold.
  • If the drawing cannot be held at the 18 month mark, then all ticket holders should be notified that they can get a full refund.
  • If the purchasers do not notify that they want the refund within 180 days, then the money will be placed in the Unclaimed Property fund.

This is one of the few times I actually agree with money going to unclaimed property. At least the money can sit there, instead of in the pockets of anyone wishing to scam people via fraudulent raffles.

This bill also has a couple of minor language cleanups. I don’t see any reason the AG, Jackley, won’t get this one passed by the legislature. It would be interesting to sit in on the hearing if Bosworth chose to show up and speak against the bill though…

SB 46 – SoDakLiberty PostsMake an appropriation of other fund expenditure authority to the Department of Agriculture for the construction of the Nordby Exhibit Hall at the South Dakota State Fair and to declare an emergency.

This bill passed Senate Appropriations and the Senate floor with no opposition. The bill appropriates $700,000 for the Nordby Exhibit Hall.


HC 1012 –  SoDakLiberty Posts – Congratulating and commending the Hamlin High School football team for winning the 2014 State 9B Football Championship.

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