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House Local Government committee has 4 bills on Tues Feb 10

February 10, 2015

china-crackerOn Tuesday, February 10th, at 10:00 AM the SD House Local Government committee will take on 4 bills.

HB 1090 – SoDakLiberty PostsProhibit a person from serving as a member of a consumers power district board of directors in certain cases.

Rep Steve Westra (R, Dist 13) and Sen Corey Brown (R, Dist 23) are the prime sponsors. There is some language cleanup. But the main change is this sentence being added: “No person is qualified to serve as a member if the person’s service on the board would be inconsistent with the person’s employment or financial interest.”

HB 1112 – SoDakLiberty PostsProvide authority to counties to prohibit and restrict the use of fireworks.

Rep Mike Verchio (R, Dist 30) and Sen Jim Bradford (D, Dist 27) are the prime sponsors. The current law this replaces only appears to allow counties to regulate fireworks outside municipalities if there is a grassland fire danger. This would open the ability for counties to restrict fireworks no matter what.

SB 16 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise certain provisions safeguarding law enforcement radio communications.

This bill comes from the Office of the Attorney General. This bill passed Senate Local Government 6-0 and the Senate floor 35-0. Here is what I had to say about the bill previously:

This bill has three sections removing small pieces of code, but then has a section that seems to be a simplified version. Basically this is what the new code is:

Any person who possesses any device actively receiving law enforcement or emergency dispatch audio or emergency dispatch text while committing a felony is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

I don’t see the point of this. Since there is already a felony going on, why bother adding a misdemeanor? I thought the bill was good with the code removal, just not sure the new code is needed.

HB 1194 – SoDakLiberty PostsSet a minimum size for a sign about zoning changes or conditional use permits.

Rep Herman Otten (R, Dist 6) and Sen Ried Holien (R, Dist 5) are the prime sponsors. This makes sure the landowner uses a sign at least “twenty-four inches wide and eighteen inches tall with bold lettering to inform the public about the petition and hearing”. Really? This is necessary to put in state law……..

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