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Senate Commerce and Energy committee has 2 bills on Tues Feb 24

February 23, 2015

wind-millsOn Tuesday, February 24th, at 10:00 AM the SD Senate Commerce & Energy committee will take on 2 bills.

*** This meeting is important. All Senate bills have to be moved on the floor for Crossover day on Wednesday. One of these bills is a Senate bill, so it must have action taken during this meeting.

HB 1236 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise certain provisions regarding commissions received by insurance producers.

The House Commerce and Energy committee is the sponsor of this bill. This bill was amended in House Commerce and passed through that committee and the House floor with no opposition. I really don’t understand the bill too well. If I remember testimony correctly this provision would allow insurance agents to share commission for a policy type they don’t normally handle and pass on to someone who does handle that.

SB 180 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Revise certain provisions regarding the production tax for wind energy facilities.

My previous notes on this bill:

Sen Tim Rave (R, Dist 25) and Rep Roger Solum (R, Dist 5) are the prime sponsors. I will definitely have to listen to the testimony to see if I understand this bill. This appears to the change the tax on new wind farms from “an annual tax of two percent of the gross receipts” to “an annual tax of .00035 dollars per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced by the wind farm”.

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