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Bills on the SD House floor for Thurs Feb 26

February 26, 2015
SD House floor. Photo by Ken Santema 02/24/15.

SD House floor. Photo by Ken Santema 02/24/15.

Here are the bills on the SD House floor for Thursday, February 26, which begins at 2:00 PM central.


HCR 1009 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Designating 2015 as the “Year of Remembrance for the Centennial Since the Commencement of the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923″ in South Dakota and urging Congress and the President of the United States to formally and consistently recognize and reaffirm the historical truth that the atrocities committed against the Armenian, Greek, and other Christians living in their historical homelands in Anatolia constituted genocide and to work towards equitable, stable, and durable Armenian-Turkish relations and a fair, just, and comprehensive international resolution of this crime against humanity.

SCR 7 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Commending and recognizing the numerous contributions made by South Dakota’s social workers.


SB 8SoDakLiberty Posts – Exempt certain transactions entered into by the State Investment Council and Division of Investment from certain procurement requirements..

SB 9SoDakLiberty Posts –  Revise certain provisions regarding the transfer of funds administered by the state investment officer.

SB 10SoDakLiberty Posts – Revise certain provisions concerning the classes of investments used for state funds.

SB 29 SoDakLiberty Posts – Establish provisions for auxiliary members to serve on the Board of Pardons and Paroles.

SB 38 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise certain provisions concerning the state communications system and the South Dakota law enforcement telecommunications system.

SB 90 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Require school districts to provide veterans a preference in employment.

SB 80 – SoDakLiberty PostsIncrease the selling price of a towed vehicle that exempts the seller of the vehicle from certain vehicle dealer licensing requirements.


SB 43 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise certain provisions regarding lease purchase agreement payments and to ratify certain lease purchase agreements with the Health and Educational Facilities Authority.

* Deferred from yesterday!

This bill passed Senate Ed and the Senate floor with no opposition. It then had quite a substantial amendment in House Appropriations; where it then passed 9-0. This bill appears to be clarifying the lease payments made by the legislature for education buildings.

SB 75 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise the effective period of the travel permit for certain livestock used for rodeo purposes and to declare an emergency.

* Deferred from yesterday!

This bill was amended to add an emergency clause in Senate Ag, it passed 9-0. It then went on to pass the Senate floor 33-0. Finally, it went though House Ag 12-0. This bill changes the permit from being good for a calendar year to being good for twelve months from the date of endorsement.

SB 76 – SoDakLiberty Posts Extend the length of time a local livestock ownership inspection certificate is valid for transportation.

* Deferred from yesterday!

This bill passed the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources committee 7-2 and went on pass the Senate floor 27-6. In House Ag is passed 11-1. This changes the certificate from being good for the day it is issued to being good for twenty-four hours after the inspection. I know some current ranchers do not like this bill because they believe it would theoretically make theft of cattle harder to prevent.

SB 93 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Impose a gross receipts tax on the rental of certain motorcycles in lieu of the excise tax on motor vehicles.

* Deferred from yesterday!

This bill passed Senate Tax and the Senate floor with no opposition. It passed House Tax 13-1. Rep Nancy Rasmussen (R, Dist 17) was the dissenting vote. I still haven’t listened to the testimony on this bill to find out why this bill is or isn’t good.

SB 45 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise certain provisions relating to the sale of unpasteurized raw milk.

* Deferred from yesterday!

This bill was amended in the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources committee and passed with a vote of 7-2. It passed the Senate floor 30-4. Then in House Ag is passed with no opposition. I was quite apprehensive about this bill before the Senate Ag hearing. Since that time I have listened to the committee hearing and studied the bill. There are some portions of the bill I think are maybe a little strict, but overall I think this is a great step forward compared to where the Dept of Ag was at two years ago. At this time I hope the bill is passed so the raw milk (and now raw cream) producers in SD can move forward.

SB 41 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise certain provisions pertaining to commercial driver licensing.

* Deferred from yesterday!

This bill passed Senate Transportation 6-0, the Senate floor 30-4, finally House Transportation. I still haven’t listened to testimony on this bill. It changes quite a bit of code.

SB 94 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Establish a license fee for electric-powered motorcycles.

* Deferred from yesterday!

This bill passed Senate Transportation, the Senate Floor, and House Transportation with no opposition. I still want to test drive an electric-powered motorcycle.

SB 118 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Provide additional transparency for prescription drug plans.

* Deferred from yesterday!

This bill was substantially amended in Senate Commerce and passed that committee 7-0. It then went on to pass the Senate floor without opposition. Finally the bill passed House Health 12-1. A lot of this bill seems aimed at making sure certain parts of the rx drug plans have certain details.

SB 60 – SoDakLiberty PostsProvide newborn screening of inherited and genetic disorders.

* Deferred from yesterday!

This bill passed Senate Health 5-1. It was amended on the Senate floor and then was passed 31-4. Finally it passed Health and Human Services 9-4. This is a horrible bill. The DOH has no place getting between the doctor and patient. What tests a newborn goes through should not involve a government agency at all.

SB 63 – SoDakLiberty PostsAdopt the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.

* Deferred from yesterday!

This bill passed Senate Health and Human Services 6-0. It was amended on the Senate floor with following section added:

No state general funds shall be used to support the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact enacted by this bill.

The bill then passed the Senate floor 24-10. It then passed House Health and Human Services 13-0. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) has come out against this bill because it would potentially place bureaucratic burdens on physicians within South Dakota. Upon further research I hope there is more opposition to the bill in the House. One thing SD doctors do not need is another barrier between them and focusing on their patients issues.

SB 47 – SoDakLiberty PostsMake an appropriation from the coordinated natural resources conservation fund to the State Conservation Commission and to declare an emergency.

* Deferred from yesterday!

This passed through the Senate and House Appropriations with no opposition. This bill gives $500,000 to the State Conservation Commission.

SB 49 – SoDakLiberty PostsAuthorize the Department of Game, Fish and Parks to sell a portion of railway right-of-way to the City of Deadwood.

This bill passed through the Senate and House State Affairs with no opposition. This bill would allow the GFP to sell real property in Deadwood.

SB 57 – SoDakLiberty PostsAuthorize and regulate the playing of craps, roulette, and keno within the city limits of the city of Deadwood.

This bill passed Senate State Affairs 7-1, the Senate floor 27-7, and House State Affairs 10-3. Here is what I said about the bill before:

This is the legislature actually implementing Amendment Q, which was passed by the voters last fall. It is worth noting that casinos in Deadwood still have a limitation for number of machines. So if they add a craps, roulette, or keno station they must take something away. In listening to the hearing it appeared the opposition came because of opposition to gambling altogether. But this is a good bill, it will allow Deadwood to be competitive in their industry nationwide.

SB 37 – SoDakLiberty PostsAdopt the 2008 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, to repeal the 1996 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, and to revise certain provisions relating thereto.

This bill passed through the Senate without opposition. It passed House Judiciary 9-2. Here are my previous notes on the bill:

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) is meant, at least in part, to deal with child support orders when multiple states are involved. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if anyone reads the bill or what is in it. It will pass and our state will have to follow the rules in the act. Too bad, I believe every piece of legislation deserves to truly be scrutinized. Below is a passage from the Uniform Law Commission, I have highlighted the sentence explaining why the SD Legislature will pass this bill no matter what is in it:

The 2008 UIFSA Amendments modify the current version of UIFSA’s international provisions to comport with the obligations of the United States under the 2007 Hague Convention on Maintenance. 2014 federal legislation requires all states to enact the 2008 UIFSA Amendments as a condition of continuing to receive federal funds for state child support programs. Failure to enact these amendments during the 2015 legislative session may result in a state’s loss of important federal funding.


HC 1031 –  SoDakLiberty Posts – Honoring the 2015 Huron High School Speech and Debate Team on their outstanding performance.

HC 1032 –  SoDakLiberty Posts – Honoring the 75th anniversary of the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™, and recognizing Deadwood as “The Historic Jewel of the Black Hills.”

HC 1033 –  SoDakLiberty Posts – Commending and honoring the West Central High School FFA chapter.

HC 1034 –  SoDakLiberty Posts – Commending and honoring the West Central High School Band for its accomplishments.

HC 1035 –  SoDakLiberty Posts – Honoring Jessica Benson, an esteemed resident of Rapid City and a student at West Middle School, for achieving national recognition for exemplary volunteer service with a 2015 Prudential Spirit of Community Award.

HC 1036 –  SoDakLiberty Posts – Honoring and Commending Abbigail Boner of Castlewood, South Dakota, for receiving a 2015 Prudential Spirit of Community Award.

SC 22 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Honoring the 2014 and 2015 Washington High School students of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and their many achievements.

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