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House Education committee has 2 bills on Fri Feb 27

February 26, 2015

People-16-Teacher-BlackboardOn Friday, February 27th, at 7:45 AM the SD House Education committee will take on 2 bills.

SB 132 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Allow school districts to recruit teachers by providing certain financial incentives. 

Sen Tim Rave (R, Dist 25) and Rep Jacqueline Sly (R, Dist 33) are the prime sponsors. This bill passed Senate Ed 4-1. It was amended on the Senate floor and passed 26-7. This bill would allow school districts to sign a contract that included a signing bonus, moving expenses or tuition reimbursement. This can be done in one lump sum after the teachers first year of employment, or installments over a max of three years. One caveat is that the incentives offered by this bill cannot be negotiated by a “designated collective bargaining representative.” So teachers have to negotiate this on their own, and not through a union. The amendment on the Senate floor took away the incentives for current teachers.

SB 153 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Repeal the South Dakota certified site and technology park programs.

Sen Larry Tidemann (R, Dist 7) and Rep Spencer Hawley (D, Dist 7) are the prime sponsors of this bill. This bill went through the Senate with no opposition. This would repeal the Certified Site for Development (§ 6-18) and Certified Technology parks (§ 6-19) portion of SD codified law; plus all of the rules that have promulgated from those sections of code. It removes a portion of GOED, so that part sounds good.

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