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Senate Judiciary committee has 5 bills on Tues Mar 3

March 2, 2015

policemanOn Tuesday, March 3rd, at 8:00 AM the SD Senate Judiciary committee will take on 5 bills.

HB 1142 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Revise certain provisions pertaining to the age requirements for sex offender registry registration.

Rep Peggy Gibson (D, Dist 22) and Sen Angie Buhl O’Donnell (D, Dist 15) are the prime sponsors. It passed through the House with no opposition. This bill adds “at the time of the offense” to someone who is fourteen or older to register as a sex offender (if they meet other requirements).

HB 1173 – SoDakLiberty PostsRevise certain provisions regarding liability of parties involved in frivolous or malicious civil actions.

Rep Lee Qualm (R, Dist 21) and Sen Gary Cammack (R, Dist 29) are the prime sponsors. This bill was amended (and title amended) in House Judiciary and passed that committee 10-3. Originally this bill added new sections of code to deal with frivolous appeals of land zoning decisions. The amended bill just modifies current code to specifically include appeal of a zoning decision. The bill was amended on the House floor and passed 57-11. Originally I thought this bill was a good idea. But after hearing it debated on the floor I’m not so sure. It doesn’t actually seem to be fixing a problem.

HB 1082 – SoDakLiberty PostsAllow a law enforcement officer to issue a citation without a notary.

Rep Dan Kaiser (R, Dist 3) and Sen Brock Greenfield  (R, Dist 2) are the prime sponsors. This bill was gutted in House Judiciary. The new version of the bill appears to do the same thing, but it modifies current code instead of adding new code. This bill modernizes the citation process and takes into account law enforcement now utilizes technology in regards to citations. After being amended it passed House Judiciary 13-0 and the House floor 64-1.

HB 1225 – SoDakLiberty PostsProhibit the unauthorized commercial use of a personality’s right of publicity and provide a civil remedy therefor.

Rep Elizabeth May (R, Dist 27) and Sen Jim Bradford (D, Dist 27) are the prime sponsors. This bill had a major amendment changing wording around in House Judiciary and passed that committee 12-0. I had apprehensions about this bill due to its ties to the MPAA. However the amended version of the bill doesn’t seem to raise any red flags for me. And it does seem to protect a persons likeness from being used commercially without permission in SD. It is an interesting bill for sure. The bill passed the House floor 66-2.

HB 1205 – SoDakLiberty PostsProvide for the certification by a chief law enforcement officer of the transfer of certain firearms.

Rep Jim Stalzer (R, Dist 11) and Sen Jeff Monroe (R, Dist 24) are the prime sponsors. House Judiciary amended the bill twice and the bill passed that committee 12-0. It then passed the House floor 67-1. This bill appears to make sure that when a law enforcement officer is required by federal law to certify the lawful transfer of a firearms that the certification is done. This would appear to make sure that as long as those involved are not disqualified by law, that law enforcement cannot stop the transfer from happening.

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