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House Local Government committee has 4 bills on Tues Mar 3

March 3, 2015

bengal-lightOn Tuesday, March 3rd, at 10:00 AM the SD House Local Government committee will take on 4 bills.

SB 124 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Revise the requirements for a petition for a minor boundary change.

Sen Deb Peters (R, Dist 9) and Rep Herman Otten (R, Dist 6) are the prime sponsors. This bill passed Senate Ed 7-0. It was then sent back to Senate Ed where it was amended and failed to pass by a vote of 3-2 (4 votes needed to pass).  The committee then reconsidered and it passed 5-0. There was no opposition to the bill on the Senate floor. The biggest change in this seems to be adding language for the “final plan for detachment”. I am too far out of my knowledge of area to comment further on this bill.

SB 126 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Revise certain publications date citations for references to the International Building Code and International Property Maintenance Code.

Sen Brock Greenfield  (R, Dist 2) and Rep Michele Harrison (R, Dist 23) are the prime sponsors. There was no opposition to the bill on the Senate side. This updates references from the 2012 edition of the International Building Code to 2015. This is an area that annoys me actually. If someone wants to find out how to comply with code they need to dish out $131 to find out what the code is for new buildings. This is a way for government officials to over-regulate without making it look like they are doing so.

SB 161 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Allow certain fireworks to be used all year.

Sen Brock Greenfield (R, Dist 2) and Rep Isaac Latterell (R, Dist 6) are the prime sponsors of this bill. This bill was amended in Senate Commerce to remove fountains, sparklers, and ground spinners from the fireworks being added by this bill. All that leaves in the bill is “snakes, and smoke effects, if they do not fly, travel, or explode, to single-shot parachute pieces without a flare”. After being amended it passed the committee 7-0. It was then amended on the Senate floor to put this language into a new section, instead of modifying current code. There really isn’t much left to the bill, why bother at this point?


SB 111 – SoDakLiberty Posts – Repeal the provision that invalidates absentee ballots cast by voters who died before the date of the election.

Sen Scott Parsley (D, Dist 8) and Rep Mathew Wollmann (R, Dist 8) are the prime sponsors of this bill. This bill passed Senate Local Government 5-1 and the Senate floor 34-0. Here is what I said about the bill before, and stick with: “I don’t really see the purpose of this bill. Election day is election day. I already think SD over-uses early voting. I don’t see a problem with the current law that states if you are not alive on election day that your vote won’t count.”

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