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Bills killed by SD legislative committees on Mon March 9

March 11, 2015

Deadendsign-9384979234Monday, March 9, was the last day for bills to get passed out of committee and sent onto the floor in the second chamber. By this time most bills had made it through the committee process. But there were a few lingering bills. I only noticed two of the bills taken up on Monday were actually killed in a committee meeting.

House State Affairs

SB 193 – Tabled – SoDakLiberty Posts – Provide for an annual evaluation of state government agencies and require a report.

This bill was hoghoused in Senate Appropriations. Originally it was focused upon economic development incentives. It passed Senate Appropriations 9-0. It was trimmed down slightly on Senate floor and passed 34-0. From reading the bill it appears to be a good idea. But it also seems to be lacking some important details. It is probably best this was tabled. The bill can be polished up and brought back next year at the beginning of session, instead of as a last-minute hoghouse.

Senate Appropriations

HB 1188 – Tabled – SoDakLiberty PostsMake an appropriation to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to develop a hydrologic model of the lower Big Sioux River Basin in southeast South Dakota and to declare an emergency.

This bill originally appropriated $500,000 for this project. But it was amended down to $1 in House Appropriations, where it passed 9-0. It went on to pass the House floor 53-14. I never really looked into this bill, and can’t say I’m sad it was tabled…

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