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Two interim committee meetings on March 30

March 29, 2015
Art within the SD State Capital building. Photo by Ken Santema 02/25/15.

Art within the SD State Capital building. Photo by Ken Santema 02/25/15.

Monday, March 30, is the final day of the 2015 legislative session. After the House and Senate are done there are two interim committee meetings on the schedule. During session I tried to follow what was going on in each committee. I plan to continue this during the interim as much as possible.

It is also worth noting that the Rules Review committee had its first meeting on March 13th. The meeting was mostly organizational and the minutes can be read here.

Here are the two meetings being held on March 30:

Executive BoardAgenda – Beings 15 Mins after session ends.

This is mostly an organizational meeting. A lot happens with this committee during the interim so it is one I plan to watch all year long. § 2-9-4 sets for the powers and duties of the executive board:

             (1)      Instigate research and collect information concerning the government and general welfare of the state;
             (2)      Investigate and make recommendations concerning important issues of public policy and questions of statewide interest;
             (3)      Prepare a legislative program in the form of bills, or otherwise, as in its opinion the welfare of the state may require, to be presented to the Legislature;
             (4)      Cooperate with the administration in devising means of enforcing the law;
             (5)      Study, inquire, make recommendations and propose bills in any phase or branch of state government so deemed advisable and necessary;
             (6)      Appoint and name committees from the members of the State Legislative Research Council, and assign to such committee or committees appropriate subjects and projects of whatever character and nature the executive board deems advisable. Each member of the council is entitled to membership on one study committee of his choice insofar as practicable;
             (7)      Conduct legislative oversight and management analysis of the executive branch of government by means of a selective program of performance auditing and cooperate with the administration in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative methods; and
             (8)      Review and make recommendations for further legislative action regarding the opinions of state and federal courts which have sought to interpret the intent of South Dakota legislative acts.

As can be seen above the duties of the executive board are pretty critical. It is definitely a committee that is worth watching year-round.

Appropriations – Agenda – Beings 5 Mins after the Executive Board meeting.

Here is the agenda for this committee:

1. Call to Order
a. Determination of Quorum
b. Remarks from the Co-Chair(s)

2. 2015 Session Review

3. Letters of Intent

4. Summer Study Topics / Interim Work Plan

5. Other Business

6. Set Future Meeting Dates

7. Adjourn

I am particularly interested in the 2015 Session Review from an appropriations perspective.

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