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Advertising on is now available! Currently there are advertising spots available on the right content bar. In the future there will also be advertising options available on the left primary sidebar.

Why is a good place to advertise? SoDakLiberty consistently gets over 1,600 unique visitors per day. But more important, visitor to SoDakLiberty are actively seeking information. These visitors are interested in what is going on in South Dakota politics and the South Dakota legislature. During the legislative session and election seasons the traffic increases dramatically.

Some of the areas SoDakLiberty focuses on and does well (meaning more return visitors):

  • Covering the SD legislative session. All bills are looked at, not just the big ones that make headlines.
  • Covering the SD legislature when the legislative session is over. Anyone wanting to know what the legislature is doing in the off-season in interim committees can find that information on
  • Proving information to South Dakota voters about ALL legislative candidates. If someone in South Dakota googles to find out information about their legislative candidates during the election season there is a good chance SoDakLiberty is where they will find the best information. A lot of painstaking time has been put into researching candidates and their legislative priorities.
  • Original content. does not simply regurgitate stories from newspapers and press releases (although there is some of that at times). More time is spent focusing on original content than anything else.

Currently there are 300 x 150 advertising slots available on the right content bar.

There are very few rules for the ads on SoDakLiberty. Here is the advertising policy on

  • Being an advertiser will not impact the content of blog posts in any manner. Blog posts may be done to bring attention to an advertiser. But the presence of an advertisement will not change how a post is written. Being an advertiser also does not mean supports the message or target of that advertisement.
  • All advertisements are setup for a minimum of three months.
  • Three month blocks of advertisement space should be paid for up front. Extensions of an advertisement should also be done in three-month blocks.
  • All advertisements must be “honest”. Meaning the advertisement must not be part of a click-bait scheme or any kind of scam.

That is basically it. To advertise on simply email Ken Santema at and he will contact you with details and rates.

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